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Programmes on YouTube find a wide International audience. Currently I am producing a series of videos centred around the excellent Olympus OM-D digital camera system and instructional Photo-soundbites for all photographers. On this page are productions about the Lake District, Peak District and London by Night.

Worldwide comments (unedited)


Absolutely amazing!  No other video was as convincing as this one for me to even think about investing in a micro four thirds camera. It reminded me that it's what you do with the camera and it's not about having the best camera or a full frame sensor.  At the end of the day it's about photography - the art. Need more videos like this.


I've watched quite a few reviews of the Olympus on YouTube. Your review stands above them all in giving me a great sense of what is possible with that camera. Your images are stunning, and all with one of the less capable lenses in Olympus's lineup. You've not only made the new Olympus camera look amazing, you've wowed me with the beauty of your country.


Another amazing video ! You are an amazing artist !


1. Incredible photography. 2. You have the most amazing voice I've ever heard!


Stunning. Spectacular. Moving. You, Sir, are a genius. Some of the finest photography I have ever seen.


A masterpiece of presentation perfection!


Your productions offer a level of professionalism and polish that is impressive and all too rare on You Tube. Thank you for setting the bar high and for this informative video.


Your understanding of the mechanics of photography and how a camera works and reacts to light and composition are simply outstanding, As I use the same cameras and lenses as your good self I can relate to what you are saying, and It makes me go out and take images with encouragement. Thank you.



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