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For me photography is a means of expression and not an entity in itself. The landscape of the British Isles is paramount and its photography I deeply love. When I press the shutter button reality and truthfulness are uppermost in my mind with 'art' courtesy of light and the British weather. Therefore I give you pure spring water, not a poisoned cocktail of muddied waters cooked up on a computer!


I have completed several picture publications for Countryside Books and more recently a number of bespoke books on Blurb. Commissions of this nature confirm my commitment to a deeply held passion, something I convey as accurately as modern technology allows by getting photography right first. The bottom line is to inspire the reader to visit the places shown, but if they have been 'tarted' up in a computer, I would be a fraud. Photo-technology is not perfect, but I do not make excuses for its shortcomings and neither mine!



On-line publishing is ideal for the book idea that will never see the light of day, or for promoting a marketable idea.

I have published twenty books using Blurb.

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The following county books were produced for Countryside Books.


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