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The Olympus Pen was launched in 2009 and has proved immensely popular for photographers who wish to have a DSLR, but without its size and weight. It also boasts a superb HD video facility. The OM-D is a development of the PEN and designed for professional and advanced amateur photographers.


Blurb publication describing my early experience with an Olympus PEN digital camera.



I became interested in Digital Photography in 1998, not so much Imaging with a computer which was prevalent at the time but Photography with a digital camera. Today, as an 'Olympus Mentor', I encourage others into the world of 'real' photography through my Photographic Holidays and Lectures to Camera Clubs


                                                           Photography supported by Olympus Cameras

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Five talks have emerged from this support


                                                                   1. Landscape - Searching for Infinity

                                                                   2. Let there be Light!

                                                                   3. Tour-de-Forss AV Show

                                                                   4. The Great British Landscape

                                                                   5. Around Britain with a Camera


                             See Lectures & AV Shows for more details. For bookings email Derek Forss


The Olympus E-System was developed for dedicated digital photography at a reasonable price in 2003. The four thirds open standard uses a slightly smaller sensor and is capable of producing images of the highest quality that can hold their own in the very best company.


This is because the E-System was designed from scratch, it is not a hybrid camera paying lip service to film photography. Digital requires its own standard, including tele-concentric lenses that deliver light directly and more accurately to the entire area of the sensor and not at an acute angle to its edges. All E-System cameras boast an effective 'dust-buster' protecting the sensor, introduced with the E-1 and still the best.


Currently I use the OM-D, a Compact System Camera (CSC) developed from the PEN and capable of producing quality images for commercial reproduction in publications. Live View technology is now available in the finder as well as the monitor and invaluable for previewing exposure, white balance and further adjustments that the photographer applies with the camera controls.

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