Photographic Holidays, Lectures & Tuition



A selection of web sites that either interest me or mentioned in my site: -


Dorking Camera Club

First joined in 1960, I am now an Honorary Life Member. If you live in Surrey, why not come along.


HF Holidays Ltd

Traditional holidays in beautiful locations. Principally walking, plus a wide range of leisure activity breaks.



Have used their excellent digital cameras since 1998. The E-System is a truly dedicated digital system that does not pay lip service to film technology. Now committed to the OM-D, a truly amazing CSC digital camera.


BBC Radio 3

The radio station for 'real' classical music buffs who appreciate the significant difference between live music making in front of an audience taken from concerts around the world, instead of a presenter playing excerpts from CDs recorded in an empty studio.


Countryside Books

Publishers of rural titles, particularly walking books. They have published three titles featuring my photography.


Ordnance Survey

The best maps for getting around The British Isles. I use them all the time.


Hyperion Records

Superb studio recordings of Classical Music for committed listeners who want something a bit more than just Vivaldi's Four Seasons!


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