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I started lecturing in 1977 and have presented my illustrated talks and AV shows to acclaim nationwide. It is an experience that I have enjoyed enormously and still do! I make every talk a special event. Whilst the talks are photographically orientated, the show 'The Great British Landscape' is also popular with Lecture Societies and National Trust Groups. All talks are spontaneous. I like to live dangerously, presenting them without notes and tailored to the audience. Every one is fresh, entertaining, informative and at times controversial - I am not a follower of benighted fashion!



Landscape - Searching for Infinity

A comprehensive instructional landscape photography show for digital photographers with supporting programme.


Around Britain with a Camera

Commencing with an Agfa Silette 35mm film camera in 1959, I have photographed the breathtaking scenery

of the British Isles for over 55 years. Achieving frequent publication in quality books and magazines, this

audio visual programme charts my success with amazing images using Nikon, Hasselblad and Olympus cameras.


Let there be Light!

Instructional AV, suitable for beginners to intermediate photographers. Club members select topics that include

depth-of-field and composition.


Tour-de-Forss Audio Visual

A selection of short, inspirational AV programmes on subjects that interest me beyond photography. Audience

can choose programmes that include the Lake District and the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams.


The Great British Landscape

A prestige Audio Visual Show tracing our history in landscapes. Although having a strong photographic element,

this new show is also suitable for a general audience.

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Back to Photography NEW

Are you still on Auto? Time to get real! Camera computerisation is an aid, not an answer. There are many photographic subjects that still demand traditional photographic knowledge, where 'instant gratification' that creates the 'perfect average', via Auto, leaves the user in the shade. This show turns snaps into photographs! After all, who (or what) has taken a picture on Auto? Photography is a bit more than pointing a camera!


Life after Death by PowerPoint (Beyond the Perfect Average) NEW

Microsoft PowerPoint is a victim of its own success, and ridiculed in some quarters. PowerPoint has been described as a presentation programme for people in suits. Because of its automation, it is remarkably easy to use without too much effort or knowledge, hence the jibe ‘Death by PowerPoint’, because everything is reduced to a predictable formula that lacks imagination. It is an unfortunate and ill-deserved tag that has prevented the more creative person to consider it seriously. There is much more to this very sophisticated programme under the bonnet than its instant gratification automation provides. It has features that even Microsoft don’t tell you about, requiring a bit more time and invention. Illustrated with AV programmes, I will disclose some of my secrets and tricks that I hope make my PowerPoint shows more visually and aurally entertaining and maybe, make you think again.


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